Community. Astrology. Liberation.

The Mercury Coalition

Inspired by astrological study and practice

at any step of the journey

Created by transgender astrologers

we value individual identity

In the belief of forging our own community

we set our own stage

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Debut Panel

An introduction to The Mercury Coalition

Summer 2023

Online Mini-Conference

Upcoming Event

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Featured artwork by Alex Maune, licensed by The Mercury Coalition.

What is

The Mercury Coalition?

A community for transgender astrologers

We seek to build a safe, supportive environment within the astrology community for all transgender astrologers including nonbinary and genderqueer people regardless of social or medical transition. We at The Mercury Coalition are a volunteer-driven effort to cultivate a platform and carve out a place for ourselves.

as astrologers, we respect the time it takes to learn

and so we set our own stage

It is our goal to provide a platform for transgender astrologers and students to have an opportunity to speak and give their own talks. In the coming months, you can expect to see events, mini-conferences, and panels to showcase all of our skills and talents.

With a wide variety of talents, focuses, and skills, we as transgender astrologers offer a unique perspective to a practice that is vastly non-inclusive to our experiences.

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a transgender astrologer group?

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