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Have a question? We at the Mercury Coalition are available through email and socials. 

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As we are a small group organizing this, we are slowly introducing more ways for people to get involved. But you can follow us on socials for updates on how you can be a part of our mission!



You can sign up for any of our lecture-based events on our upcoming events page. Slots are limited but we are willing to host first time speakers who are experienced in astrological practice.

We are a small, volunteer based group and so we are short staffed, to say the least. While we are looking for help, it may take us some time to get back to you! Email will be the best way to reach out if you’re interested in joining and are willing to commit to this project. Make sure to include your socials!

If you are looking to join as a member, please follow us on social medias to be notified of when our membership launches.

We’re a recently formed coalition and so we do not have a way to submit donations to us yet! It’s our hope to have this option in the future, but for now, we suggest saving your money and tipping our speakers directly when the time comes.

We get it, we’ve been there. Questioning one’s gender is never an easy process, but we hope to reassure any gender-questioning astrologers that when you are ready to come out there will be a place waiting for you within the astrological community.

We love our cis-queer siblings and appreciate allies to the queer community! As we are a volunteer-only group in the present, we will have many needs to be met in terms of moderation, safety, promotion, and accessibility accommodations. If you believe yourself to be someone who can help, please send us an email and include your social medias.

We at The Mercury Coalition understand that it’s an ongoing process to take accountability for diverse accommodations and representation. With this in mind, we welcome feedback and concerns to how we can expand and do better. Anyone with concerns of this kind are welcome to send us an email.

In exchange, we kindly ask for your patience in that we are a small, volunteer-run group and all time and funds come out of our own pockets. Many of us are disabled or have full-time jobs. However, we want to be allies to other marginalized identities and prioritize inclusivity. It may take time to implement changes and accommodations that are necessary. Please keep this in mind but believe us that we are listening and working to grow as a coalition and as individuals every day!